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A Snapshot Of How  to Achieve Almost ALL of Your 2017 Goals!

A Snapshot Of How to Achieve Almost ALL of Your 2017 Goals!


2016. Let's talk about it for a quick second. To be perfectly honest, I think this was the first year I wrote out a goal list, a bucket list and created a vision board at the beginning of the year. I usually make one, but never all three. But going into this year, I wanted to be really clear about what my personal goals were. A wise elder woman once mentioned to me not only to be clear, but be exact. Exact meant to be sure to include all the specific details and not just jot down vague statements. (Ex. "I want to make more money." vs. "I want to make 20k more than I did last year.") This way, it makes it easier to figure out how to strategically execute. 

I would be lying if I said this year didn't have its lows. There were times when I didn't know exactly where my income would come from in coming months, I unfortunately lost a huge client and I got so busy at times, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be awarded the "Ultimate Friend Of The Year" or even "Most Outstanding Girlfriend." Oh, and as I'm sure you noticed, my blog was "real silent" at times. 

But on the flip side, I moved into my very first apartment (finally out of my momma's house), wrote for at least 10 mainstream big name digital publications, modeled and produced content for a major mass retailer, traveled across the country a few times, made more money than I ever had before and recently  landed a pretty solid gig as Beauty Editor with a massive tech company you've probably heard of before.  

In addition to God looking out, and Susan Miller's Astrological forecast being on point, I'd like to think a lot of it had to do with being willing to temporarily sacrifice some pleasantries, be confident in my level of dope-ness and constantly reflecting back to my original goal lists and vision board. I made realistic goals that I knew were achievable within 12 months. I wrote down the steps that were needed to achieve each. I didn't stop when people ignored me or things simply didn't work out. Best of all, I kept going. 

I want you all to keep going in 2017. Plan, prepare and execute. Get crazy clear on what you want to achieve. And if you are not sure, ask someone! You all know closed mouths don't get fed. As long you are breathing, you are being given new opportunities to serve as a vessel toward being who you are truly meant to be on earth. Plant your seeds now and watch them blossom. Reflect. Plan. Push. Win! You got this! 

I'm truly thankful that you have continued to read, follow and help me grow on this journey. I hope...scratch that...I'm confident 2017 will be just as amazing, if not better.

P.S.- I'll be in the process of doing a little re-branding over here on the blog. Stay tuned!

Happy 2017!!!

New Year's Eve, December 2016

New Year's Eve, December 2016

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