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7 Reasons To Add Frank Body to Your Facial Routine

7 Reasons To Add Frank Body to Your Facial Routine

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As a self-proclaimed beauty buff, I have seen tons of products come, go, and remain staples in my "top-shelf" arsenal of items.  When it comes to skincare, I can't really play any games.  When my skin is not up to par, it makes it hard for all the other elements to effortlessly fall into place.  I found myself a few months ago looking for a new face regimen that I could stick with.  A few products were okay, some not so much, but then came along Frank Body. [Insert red dress salsa dancing emoji] Australian based, natural, and never tested on animals, the brand began with an amazing coffee scrub that you-tubers, bloggers, and body concious people could not get enough of.  Now, they have expandedto include a line of face care products. Frank's latest creations include a cleanser, face scrub, and a moisturizer with a their signature coffee ingredient at the base.  You guys, I really can't get enough of this stuff!  Here are 7 simple reasons I think you will be pretty hooked too. 

1.   Whether you are a coffee lover or not, this essential ingredient is one of the  best things you can allow your skin to drink up.  The caffeine helps to plump up your skin, smooth out your texture, and treat troublesome skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

2. Everyone will be asking questions such as, "what the heck have you have been using lately?" "Did you get a facial?" "Has work been done?"

3. Frank's creamy face scrub is probably the biggest bread winner of this set.  Believe me when I tell you, after my first time using, I kind of noticed a real-life photoshopped effect on my skin. Everything was silky smooth, buffed to perfection, and just all around soft as a baby's bottom. 

4.  You can save some cash, and skip a few spa appointments.  Each product is like literally having a piece of a facial in a bottle. 

5. When I first tried the cleanser I was a little weirded out by the color, but after trying to take down a full face of makeup, I noticed how revitalized and squeaky clean my skin felt. The charocoal portion of it really digs deep to detoxify, unclog those pores, and absorb oil.  Oh, and believe me, I tend to get a pretty greasy.  This wash took it all down without leaving my skin too stripped and raw. 

6. The moisturiser is light enough to wear during the hot summer months but heavy enough to smooth on during harsh winters.  It includes a nourishing mix of cocoa and shea butters as well as vitamin E and coconut oils. I also really loved how well it wore all day under makeup.  

7. The line doesn't smell too girly nor too  masculine, so it is perfect for him or her. Double win!

So frankly speaking, this stuff really works and you should get your hands on some asap.  While you are at it, add their equally bomb.com signature coffee scrub to your cart as well. 

I'm just saying! You'll thank me later.

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