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Live, Love, Summer

Live, Love, Summer


Flowers in full bloom, ice cream trucks on every corner, rooftop parties, and poolside party situations?  Yep, summer is officially here and I am pretty hype about it.  Especially after having a long winter and a barely there spring, why wouldn't I be? Hello Solstice!  I am going to speak it into existence that seasonal temperatures in the northeast will finally just get it all the way together.  Anyway, it is finally that time of year where more layers are coming off, and guess what? Skin is in!  With that, I wanted to share three of my favorite new skin-loving saviors that I picked up late fall/early spring that can easily transcend seasons and be added to your beach tote this summer.

ST. TROPEZ SELF-TAN LUXE DRY OILOkay, first off, I know I get a weird side eye from friends sometimes when I mention using a self-tanner of any sort.  The first reason being, a lot of people can not stand the smell and messiness of most self-tanners.  The second, "Black girls don't need to use any self-tanner."  Well, I am here to tell you this glow getter debunks both of those little rumors.  This luxe dry oil doesn't have the traditional weird smell that other tanners have, and it dries quickly leaving you with not a drip of excess product.  Also, it works wonders on any skin tone as it enhances your bronzed glow and helps to even out your color giving you a luminous straight off the beach look minus any harmful age accelerating UV rays. 

 CHARLOTTE TILBURY WONDERGLOW-  A little shimmery bronzer is one thing, but Ms. Tilbury's Wonderglow is kind of next level.  Initially, it was kind of one of those products that came across my desk and I knew there was somewhat of a fatal attraction, but I didn't act immediately on what later became a full-on love affair.  One day, while rushing to an early morning breakfast, after a long night, I noticed I had it stuffed in my bag.  I only had about 20 minutes, but felt like my skin need a little pick-me-upper.  I figured I would skip foundation and just squeeze a few drops on my hands.  I smoothed a little all over my face and neck in less than about 3 minutes, filled in my brows a tad, and swiped on a nude lipstick.  I kid you not, so many people complimented "this glow" I had that day.  Since then, I have made it one of my go-to's.  On those really steamy days were you wanted a little "something, something," but you don't quite want to slather on loads of foundation, go for this quick pick.  

DIORSKIN NUDE AIR SERUM BY DIOR - I could literally go on and on about this lovely concoction, but I will keep it short in sweet.  As if the name didn't say it all, this foundation-like finish, wears like second skin. Plus, the formula includes SPF 25, keeping your skin nourished and protected.  I  know how hard it can be to find coverage, but this is one that allows me to use less, but on the flip side, keeps me coming back everyday for more.


To kick-off the summer right, I am giving away all three products ($158 value).  Follow, the simple steps below, and you could win. 

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Winner will be announced one week from today on Monday, June 29th. Sharing is caring. Spread the love!

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